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Client - Open Skies Trading Co.

Open Skies Trading Co. Eppack Bags

Ongoing Project

Product Design, Packaging Design, Logo Design

When life hands you materials, you get creative. In this case, it was two retired billboards and a couple hundred feet of old static climbing rope.

Because billboards are made from a laminated vinyl material that's designed to withstand extreme weather, that makes them a perfect material for semi-waterproof products. Since the Open Skies Trading Co. mission is to reduce, re-use and recycle a way to viable products for the outdoor industry, we sat down and worked on a method of sewing and sealing the vinyl to itself to form a semi-dry bag perfect for rainy days and other light-duty jobs. The net result is a new product called Eppack bags (pronounced epp-pack) that can come in either black by facing out the backside of the billboard, or a one-of-a-kind collage effect by using the front of the billboard. I then set about developing packaging for our new product, and our hope is to be sale-ready by mid 2021.

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